The black metal band HÉIA from Brazil has already started the pre-production work for the album that will follow the well-received “Magnum Opus”.

The band is at Masterpiece Studios, under the care of producer Moyz Henrique – together with the group – where they work hard on this split CD, entitled “Ordeal Of The Abyss”, which will be released, alongside the Americans of Sardonic Witchery, on three continents: SOUTH AMERICA (on LP), NORTH AMERICA and EUROPE (on CD and cassette tapes). For more information, go to:

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As mentioned above, the current album from brazilian, entitled “Magnum Opus”, gained positive prominence in the specialized press, where numerous positive reviews on various sites, zines and magazines were published in recent months, check out:

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Press interested in receiving the band's complete material for reviews and/or interviews, write to [email protected] and request the press kit.

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